Nutty Motorcars

The Car Game

Nutty Motorcars is a classic car video game with a new point of view. Multiple players on a single screen can battle it out in these crazy races. Jumps, bridges, tunnels and many more obstacles. Throw your enemies giant hammers, mines, sweep them with dynamite, or just collide with them to make them lose time. Avoid going off the road and slippery areas. Use the turbo to overtake your opponents and repair your car by collecting power-ups.

Discover the 15 circuits available in the full version and race on them with 10 different vehicles.

Car racing circuit with bridges

Up to 8 players on the same screen (more than 4 players in the same screen)

Compete with your friends to see who is the fastest and most skilled, from 1 to 8 players on the same screen. Drive them off the road, destroy them or just overtake them. 

Use the ramps and the orography of the circuit itself to gain an advantage over your opponents. Avoid their traps and take the curves faster than them to win the race.

Forest, desert, snow...

Compete in 15 different circuits, in the forest, in the desert or on snow. Don’t let the landscape fool you and avoid the trains, hot air balloons, storms and everything that appears in the new circuits.

Discover what awaits you in each of them and look for the best strategy to beat your opponents in each of the scenarios.

Desert circuit with bumps
Circuit drive at night

Drive at night

Turn on the lights and drive on the night tracks. Don’t let yourself be dazzled by the lights and reach the finish line even if it rains or snows. It adapts the speed to the current visibility and avoids going off the track.

Go through the brightest places to avoid the obstacles hidden in the gloom.

Long straights, open curves, bridges, tunnels, ...

Guaranteed fun with circuits of all types of difficulty, adapted for children and adults.

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Twenty new cars available

Classic muscle car

Equipped with a supercharged high-output 6.2L V8 engine, they have a staggering 807 horsepower, the most for any production car.

Based in a true story

Un auto superdeportivo creado con un propósito singular, ofrece toda la sensación y la tecnología de un auto de carreras genuino en un modelo legal para la calle.
El conocimiento de los deportes de motor de muchos años, intensificado por una herencia ganadora, se concentra en el nuevo automóvil.

The truck of authority

Is purpose-built from the ground up — designed to be tough and productive. This is what happens when you merge premium-grade muscle with finely tuned intelligence and design. A beast with brains. A relentlessly tough, high-strength, military-grade, aluminum-alloy body and torture-tested high-strength steel frame with new tech to help you work smart and hard.

An icon of the open highway

Under the hood, it boasts the latest in engine technology. The advanced design and lightweight materials help save up to 4% in fuel economy, as well as 150 pounds in weight.

Iconic classic and collectors car

This car led the famous Le Mans endurance race on its opening season in 1931, until its sister car crashed heavily at high speed and it was withdrawn for safety reasons. This is just one of the many fascinating tales.

20 different super cars

Discover the 20 super cars that you can get by overcoming the specific contests or by paying the price of the car manufacturer.

Up to 4 players on the same screen

Compete with up to 4 players on the same screen and have fun driving them off the road.

Jumps, bridges, tunnels, ...

Cientos de obstáculos diferentes, saltos, barreras de protección, puentes, túneles y muchos más por descubrir.

Bombs, giant hammers, dynamite, ...

Use the power-ups and weapons available to defeat your opponents. Even a giant hammer!

Circuit obstacles

DRS activation zones, slip puddles, and much more.

30 different circuits

30 different circuits each with its own orography, ascents, descents, cliffs,…

Forest, desert, snow

Three different types of scenarios each with its own characteristics.

Night racing

Turn on your lights and try not to drive off the road when night falls.

Other surprises!

Hot air balloons launching barrels of dynamite, trains crossing the road, snow storms, …